ELS Line - Tank Measurement

Make it easier to manage your station’s fuel stock quickly and safely.

The main functions of the ELS System are measuring tanks and also environmental monitoring of your station. Its advanced technology offers the best precision in fuel measurement and the necessary safety to avoid environmental contamination. Furthermore, our system provides real-time data and information about fuel stock, delivery notification, leak detection alerts, reports, and much more.


Offers simple and quick access to fuel stock, closures, deliveries, leak alarms and several other features;

Connect and manage your gas stations in one place;

Easy to install and configure;

Online access through computers and cell phones;

Anywhere, anytime with any device

The ELS System provides real-time access to your fuel stock and movement data on our Platform – Web or Mobile Application for all computers and cell phones.

Developed for individual stations, small and large networks, the Web Platform allows the management and monitoring of all stations in a single place. We combine advanced technology, convenience and simplicity to offer a complete solution through our tank measurement and environmental monitoring system.

Additional Features

  • Real-time connectivity through the ELS application, ELS platform and sending emails;
  • Current inventory reports, delivery history, ongoing events, fuel leak tests;
  • Notifications and alarms of fuel stock, deliveries and leak alerts;
  • All ELS system data stored in the cloud;
  • Communicates and integrates with ERP systems;
  • Able to export data from the server through XML files or the MODBUS TCP IP protocol;
  • Automatic calibration of the fuel tank;
  • Eliminates the need to take manual fuel measurements;
  • Measures fuel level, water level and temperature simultaneously;
  • Reconciliation of fuel consumption and deliveries;
  • Optional output relay for activating submersible pumps;
  • Able to perform remote maintenance and software updates;
  • Smart magnetostrictive probe for all types of fuel;
  • Connect up to 12 probes and 16 leak sensors (option with expansion board for more tanks);
  • Universal leak sensor;
  • Option with MVC (Fuel Volumetric Meter) for gas stations in Santa Catarina;

ELS System Overview


  • 1 – Color touchscreen;
  • 2 – Real-time position of stock, temperature and water;
  • 3 – Status of the leak sensors;
  • 4 – Event history;
  • 5 – Reports with fuel deliveries; Leak history; Shift changes; Inactive periods;
  • 6 – Configuration and calibration of the fuel tank;
  • 7 – Thermal printer;


EXCELbr’s Magnetostrictive Probe guarantees precision and safety when measuring your station’s fuel stock. It was designed to be installed in an underground or overhead tank.
Size: 1.5 – 6 meters
Application Diesel, Diesel S10, Gasoline, Ethanol, Arla and Lubricant
Certificate INMETRO NCC 15.0310X
Operating Temperature -20 to +60°C
Electrical Safety Marking Ex ia llB T4 Ga
Technical Parameters Ui = 12,60Vcc / Uo = 40,9Vcc / Io = 787μA / Po = 120mW / Co = 20nF Lo = 500 mH / Lo/Ro = 16,14μH / Ci = 270nF / Li = Negligible
Maximum distance from the Probe to the interface 250 meters EBAR
Fuel Level Start Reading 110mm / Tolerance: ±1mm / Accuracy: 0.1mm
Water Level Start Reading 30mm / Tolerance: ±1mm / Accuracy: 0.1mm
Temperature Number of sensors

1~5 / Tolerância ±1oC / Precisão: ±0.1°C


The EXCELbr Universal Leak Sensor detects the presence of liquids in the pump sump, filter sump and tank interstice, ensuring protection for your gas station and the environment.



ELS System Video