Pump Output Control

The best solution in fleet management and supply, from the arrival of fuel at the company to final consumption by the vehicles.

Automation, Control and Precision

GTFrota offers a modern and advanced solution to control the entire fuel supply and consumption process of your fleet in an accurate and safe way. With it, your company will have access to the main information on how, by whom, when and where the fuel is being used.

This system is made up of special software, equipment and sensors installed in vehicles, pumps, supply lanes and fuel storage tanks. Through it, it is possible to control all refueled vehicles, in addition to collecting information while managing the operation of pumps in the supply lane.

The GTFrota System is an integrated system that offers accurate reports on the vehicles supplied, time, amount of fuel and many other information and data on the supply of your fleet. Furthermore, your company will have access to all this information in real time from any computer on the GTFrota platform.


Ease of managing Fleet Vehicles, Employees, Fuel Stock and remote fueling

Manage your Fleet in a single place through the GTFrota Platform or your ERP System

Quick access to your Fleet's main information and data on any Computer

Avoid waste and diversion of fuel when refueling your Fleet

Developed to be customized and meet the needs of your Company

Complete Solution

01) VEHICLE AND USER IDENTIFICATION The GTFrota Console is installed on the gas station runway and serves to manage all equipment involved in the fueling process. Its function is to automate the operation of the pumps and collect all vehicle and supply information. This information is sent to the GTFrota Platform.

The GTFrota Platform receives information and data from authorized vehicles during the supply process and provides real-time viewing from any computer. All information and data generated can be customized to communicate with the company’s ERP system.

The magnetostrictive probe manufactured by EXCELbr allows the measurement of fuel stock in tanks in real time. Its technology and precision is capable of identifying fuel discharges, low stock, presence of water, temperature, among other functions.

The RAVO identifier is a device with the function of communicating vehicles and users with the GTFrota Console through a transponder, tag, or magnetic card. Its function is to identify registered vehicles, authorize refueling and collect information and data. The fueling process starts automatically when the pump nozzle is inserted into the vehicle’s fuel tank.

Mobile Supply

The GTFrota Train has similar characteristics to the GTFrota Console, being designed to control mobile supply. Its function is to identify and release supplies to authorized vehicles such as tractors, backhoes, forklifts, electricity generators, mining companies, trucks, among others.

The Economy your Company seeks

Avoid diversions or unnecessary waste of fuel when managing your fleet’s supply and maintenance. We know that fuel is the main input for companies. That’s why we developed the GTFrota System, the best solution on the market that controls and monitors every drop of fuel consumed by vehicles or stored in the station’s internal tank.

The GTFrota solution will be able to transform your fleet’s supply management into something automated and integrated. As a result, we will guarantee the reduction of unnecessary expenses and total control over the supply of your fleet.



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